Introducing Mayv – A Symphony Of Spontaneity And Elegance Crafted By Marjana Lahham

Introducing Mayv – A Symphony Of Spontaneity And Elegance Crafted By Marjana Lahham

In a world where fashion often feels like a revolving door of fleeting trends, a new brand has emerged that promises something more enduring.

Welcome to Mayv, a brand that is not just a label but a lifestyle. It's a brand that captures the essence of spontaneity, freedom, and the art of living in the present. But what makes Mayv truly special is the woman behind it: Marjana Lahham.

The journey of Marjana Lahham

Born and raised in Switzerland, Marjana's love for fashion was ignited at a young age when her mother gifted her a fashion model sketchbook. Those early sketches in her special book were the seeds of a passion that would grow into a lifelong pursuit. As a matured teenager, Marjana moved to Beirut, Lebanon, where her love for fashion continued to flourish. She began styling and modifying clothes, diving deeper into the world of designers.

Her passion led her to Esmod Beirut International in cooperation with University of Saint-Joseph USJ, where she honed her skills and graduated with a bachelor's degree in 2022. But Marjana didn't stop there. She interned at the renowned ELIE SAAB, where she was introduced to the world of Haute couture. In 2023, she took another significant step in her journey by interning at ‘Arasa Morelli Couture’ in Switzerland. As a personal assistant to the brand owner, she learned the fundamentals of running a successful fashion brand.

The birth of Mayv

Armed with knowledge, experience, and an unquenchable passion for fashion, Marjana felt ready to launch her own brand: Mayv.

Every piece in the Mayv collection reflects Marjana's journey and dedication. Whether it's the breathable fabrics or the intricate sewing techniques, each item is a testament to quality and comfort. Mayv ensures that while you're out there, living in the moment, you're draped in both elegance and comfort.

Why choose Mayv?

Mayv is more than just clothing; it's a philosophy. It's for the woman who doesn't just wear her clothes but lives in them. It's for the spontaneous soul who might find herself on a beach one day and on top of a mountain the next day. It's for the woman who believes that fashion should be a reflection of not just one's style, but one's spirit.

As Mayv makes its grand entrance with its online store,, it invites you to be a part of a journey. A journey of discovery, of embracing the present, and of celebrating the spontaneous spirit within.

Dive into the world of Mayv, where every piece is more than just clothing—it's a lifestyle.

Embrace freedom,

Embrace Mayv

Article by: Brainz Magazine 

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